Buber’s from a part of Detroit where you’re judged by what you make & what you do. This attitude, along with a vibrant creative energy, drives him to think, read, design, paint, photograph, write, draw, build, learn, make, & experiment nonstop.

His conceptual approach leaves egos aside. He focuses on finding the best solution for the problem. This has led him to collaborate with engineers, writers, politicians, executives, designers, directors, marketers & photographers to create thoughtful, effective work.

He pursues excellence within himself & his work. His respect for the craft and for his clients continually pushes him toward more impactful, effective work. If that interests you, or you’d like to know more, ask to chat at robertbuber@gmail.com.
Swimming, Reading, Drawing, Painting, Detroit Techno, Sci-Fi Films, Action Films, Actually… All Films, Film Essays, Film Reviews, Magazines, Sugar Cereal, Mocha Espressos, Fashion, Narcissism, Existentialism, Industrial Design, Museums, Theatre, Modernism, Post-Modernism, Ted Talks.
Party like it’s 3084 with Buber's Robot Jams playlist.