Detroit Bikes
Detroit Bikes was a newer company that makes bikes the old-fashioned way. They wanted to communicate thier values of local, handmade, high-quality products to a larger audience in a fun way. They wanted to make ads that people would not only look at, but hang on their wall. Winner of AdCraft Detroit's Best in Print and Best in Graphic Design.

Pickles are pretty good Christmas gifts. We made this series of social posts, to help drum up sales in the weeks before Christmas. A series of visually bizarre Christmas ads, to remind pickle-lovers that there's an easy-fix for their last-minute shopping woes. We also wanted to position the brand in a fun, colorful, & irreverant manner.

A self-initiated project that celebrates the people who shape the brand – the makers. By creating a blank canvas of a look, the customer is meant to feel like they themselves are what completes the product and that adidas is the best brand for them to channel their creativity into. Every phase from discovery to purchase feels like going further into an adventure.

This is Love & Criminal
This is Love and Criminal are two genre-bending podcasts that often subvert expectations. Instead of coming up with two seperate campaigns, we decided to take a note from our clients and subvert our industries norms by smashing the two products together to create an arresting, funny, absurd message – saving time, energy, and money - while communicating what a listener gets from either podcast.

A self-initiated project to differentiate Glad from the growing number of generic-brand plastic products in a fun way so when shoppers think food, they think Glad. And, the brand should be instantly recognizable so when customers see Glad, they think quality.

A self-initiated project to create a funner, more down to earth brand. After 100 years, Gillette is seen as a brand for older, more serious people. Add to that: younger (13-30) men see facial hair as a badge of manliness. We wanted to show that grooming feels good, looks good and Gillette easily slices through the monster that is body hair.

Harley-Davidson Clothes
A self-initiated project for women who don't buy motorcycles. They do have similar attitudes to bikers, however. Harley-Davidson isn't for bikers. It's for powerful, assertive, & indepedant people. By focusing on that, instead of just bikes, Harley becomes much more versatile.

A self-initiated project to highlight that Sony has some of the best-reviewed noise-cancelling headphones. While other brands are focused on the extremes of celebrity, fashion or tech, we wanted to focus on the feeling of normal people at peace in otherwise chaotic, noisy enviroments.