DDoT Rebrand
The Detroit Department of Transportation tasked us with creating a new logo and look for their buses, so we worked with them, the mayor, and the public to develop this bright, pop art-influenced look to brighten and modernize a mode of transportation often seen as old and drab.

NatGeo Zoo
A self-initiated app concept to access to almost any zoo from your couch, down the road, or anywhere in the US.

Biggie Booklet
A self-initiated, step by step, instagram booklet, based on the "Ten Crack Commandments", by Biggie Smalls.

Detroit Is Science Fiction Event
A series of items promoting a fantasy creative workshop at Detroit's Museum of Contemporary Art. We chose to focus on the idea that children seem to actually transform into different monsters or creatures as they play.

Core City Neighborhood Brand
A wild, ever-changing, 70s arcade-inspired brand to help breathe new life into a forgotten neighborhood.

Craft Singles
A few favorites from various, small-scale projects.