Detroit Bikes
Detroit Bikes wanted ads cool enough to tear out and hang on the wall. For that, I made a series of hand made ads, pulling ideas from the values of the company (All-American, Hand-built, simple). Winner of AdCraft Detroit's Best in Print and Best in Graphic Design.
McClure’s Pickles
Everyone loves pickles, but no one buys them as gifts. We played with that weirdness for these Instagram pictures for McClure's. I art directed the photography, pulled some photostock, edited the photos, built the pickletoe, & wrote the line.
A lot of us are great. It's just deep inside. Adidas seems like a good brand to remind people of that. I made the idea & imagery simple enough to be consistent & powerful at every step of the purchase so it felt like a kind of adventure. Self-made concept.
This is Love & Criminal
This is Love & Criminal both bend genre expectations. We figured the advertising should do that. So, we combined the two podcasts into one campaign. After listening to 100s of love & murder stories, I had enough quotes to mix into simple posters.
Glad hadn't adapted as online-shopping millennials moved into houses (filling them with plastic). To help them modernize, I thought of new ways to show Glad's quality, then used 3D to show that in a fun, Instagram-able way. Self-started concept.
Harley-Davidson Clothes
Harley-Davidson isn't for bikers. It's for rebels. They’d reach more people by focusing on that. By focusing on how clothes let us express our ideal selves, I built this campaign around the rebellious power that some badass boots can release. Self-started concept.
Sony has some of the best noise-cancelling headphones. Other brands focused on celebrities, fashion or the technology. I focused on the peace that Sony's headphones brought. By editing stock photos, I freed people in once chaotic environments. Self-started concept.
Milk Bar
Milk Bar wanted help selling cakes & cookies to first-time, online buyers through Facebook & Instagram. We thought up fun ways to introduce their fun products. I handled the concepts here, wrote the lines, designed the layouts, animated a few of them & guided animation on the others.