DDoT, Brand
Detroit wanted to modernize its bus system. To visualize that, we worked with the mayor, transportation department, & community members on a new logo, bus wraps, fare cards, & brand guidelines.
NatGeo Zoo, App
An app that lets you visit any zoo in the US. Go on virtual tours or let it guide you on actual trips. Every feature uses NatGeo photos, video, or articles – keeping people engaged with our services. Self-made concept.
BorgWarner HR, Brand
Graphics for the launch of BorgWarner's HR rebrand. We created simple rules so type, color, & patterns can be updated as new programs are added. Every piece is unique and new pieces can be quickly created while fitting into the overall system.
Detroit is Sci-Fi, Event
Promotional items for the Museum of Contemporary Art's creative workshop in Detroit. We focused on how children seem to transform into different creatures as they play.
Core City, Brand
An ever-changing brand inspired by retro arcades, designed for the developments of a forgotten neighborhood. Unused concept.
Alphaville, Posters
A series of large-format posters inspired by ideas from Jean-Luc Godard's film, Alphaville. Self-made Concept.
Craft Singles
A few favorite, small-scale projects.